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Customers Are Saying

I love my clearbeam wand. I have acne and sores on my chin since COVID. Using LR each day, the sores are drying up and no new ones are appearing! So happy that something finally works on my face.

- Annonymous

Verified Purchase

I am extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the luminance red ClearBeam. I am in my 40s and still suffer from occasional cystic acne. Using the luminance red has reduced the days of active breakouts exponentially. Very, very happy with my purchase!!

- Sarah

Verified Purchase

This is a crazy game changer. It reduces the pimple size in 24 hours and I totally notice a difference everytime I use it and it’s so quick.

- Annie

Verified Purchase

Was putting off writing a review until I have had some time to use this item thoroughly. I have to say I am surprised how well this light therapy has worked on several blemishes I have dealt with since receiving it. I have yet to find a blemish that it has not been able to stop in its tracks after using this item 2 times per day at the onset of a pimple starting. I took a chance knowing I could get my money back if it didn’t work. It was an investment for sure but one that was well worth the money spent which is rarely the case. To anyone who is skeptical, it has made a believer out of me for sure. Just wish I had discovered it sooner. You have nothing to lose. You can return it if it doesn’t help. I will be keeping mine. Thanks luminance red.

- Alan

Verified Purchase

Honestly I balked at the price, but it’s nothing compared to the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on stuff that didn’t actually work! This works! I get pretty big painful lumps around my chin, nothing topical has been very effective in treating cystic acne for me. Using this twice a day for a few days definitely makes a difference.

- Jen S.

Verified Purchase

I have always been prone to adult acne as a male around my chin area. Specifically cystic type pimples. Since using this product as we’ll as my skincare routine I have seen a tremendous reduction in new acne (practically none) as well as a reduction in hyperpigmentation in those areas as well. I used to spend upwards of $350 for laser treatments every few months to fight my acne. This device combined with a consistent skincare routine is all you may need.

- Chris M.

Verified Purchase

I’ve tried so many preventions to stop acne but somehow it just happens. I’m so glad to have this device.

- Yali

Verified Purchase

Rescuing my tired skin and healing breakouts.

- Lea

Verified Purchase

Works better than I thought thank you.

- K.R.

Verified Purchase

The best thing I have bought in 10yrs. The results are incredible.

- Anonymous

Verified Purchase

I ordered my Cleaerbeam to treat my rosecia on my nose. Every time I’m out in the sun my nose breaks out in pustules and red skin. Since I have been using the Luminance Red the pustules clear quickly and they no longer linger for weeks. I highly recommend this device.

- Mark J.

Verified Purchase
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