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Dr. Leo Wang, MD, PhD


As a physician-scientist, Dr. Leo's work is at the intersection of skin health and light therapy, with a comprehensive background in medicine, dermatology, engineering, and technology. His expertise in polymer chemistry, biomaterials, drug delivery, and tissue engineering has made significant contributions to skincare innovation.

Leo's academic journey began with a BA in biochemistry and mathematics, followed by an MS in chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. He further honed his skills in the MD-PhD program at the same university, earning a PhD in polymeric chemistry and biomaterials. His research focused on utilizing dynamic chemistries in drug delivery and tissue engineering, particularly through polymeric hydrogels.

In his current research, Leo is at the forefront of bioengineering and dermatology, particularly focusing on the application of light therapy. He explores groundbreaking drug delivery systems that leverage light-based technologies for enhanced skin treatment. His work also includes pioneering methods in hair follicle regeneration using light therapy techniques. Leo's dedication to light therapy is not just a professional pursuit but a passion, contributing significantly to the field with innovative approaches that blend his expertise in dermatology and bioengineering.

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